Dear friends of Fencing, dear Referee Colleagues!

The quality of our work is on the one hand reflected in our broad knowledge of rules and its enforcement and on the other hand in our regardful, responsible and of course fair contact with the participants. At the head there are the top-performing athletes. Aside there has to be someone who realise, analyse, judge, compare and evaluate their performance and at least who communicate the decision verbally and visually to the athlete and the audience. In whatever sport there is a referee involved. He/she minds the keep of rules and dicides ultimately on win or defeat. No soccer match, no boxing fight, no swimming competition or cycle race, no golf tournament and no sailing regatta, no chess match and not the Formula 1 can do without referees .... without “Men in Black”.

Without referee there is no competition and without competition there is no referee

This symbiosis will last as long as there are people who want to match with each other within arranged rules.

your Peter Brigola